Lamp Shade Adapter Spider Harp to UNO Reducer Drum Floor Lamp Pendant Hanging Fixture

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These 3D printed discs are designed to make a lamp shade with a large inside ring (like ones from IKEA) work on a 1/4" spider harp rod.

If needing a custom size please measure the inside of your ring as accurately as possible, preferably with a digital caliper or at least in millimeters, then select Custom Size in the drop down. If at anytime you're unsure, send me a message with a picture of a ruler or a tape measure laying across the opening of the ring and I'll do my best to advise on a correct size.

Note: I am unable to offer cheap lettermail shipping anymore due to Customs requirements. All items will be shipped with tracking information.

    Customer Reviews

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    Gregg Buchanan
    Brilliant design!

    Works like a champ. Should be sold in every hardware store.

    Jennifer Murray
    Problem Solved!

    I have been looking for uno/euro to harp converters for a long time and these are perfect. Ideal fit for all sizes of uno/euros making European to American conversions a snap.