3D Printed Kit - Pair of Batons for Black Widow Natasha Romanoff 2021 Cosplay Costume

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This kit will come with raw 3D printed parts ready to be painted (if desired) and assembled onto the support rod by the buyer.
This is for a pair of batons.

Two styles are available:
  1. Static - a solid threaded rod will hold the pieces into place
  2. Posable - an aluminum armature wire will allow the batons to be dynamically shaped. Warning: excessive bending will cause the wire to break.

Each baton will come with interchangeable heads that pop into place by the supplied magnets (1) zapper & (1) hook.
The magnets will come pre-glued in the tips.

Not included: glue, sandpaper, paint, years of training in the Red Room to skillfully know how to wield these.

These are not licensed or endorsed products and I am in no way affiliated with Marvel Studios, Disney or their affiliates. These are merely fan interpretations of the screen used props.